Cabo da Roca Private Tour

Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca is the point “where the land ends and the sea begins”. Immortalised by our greatest poet, Luís de Camões. Cape Roca impresses all who visit. The greatest and most imposing of all of Lisbon’s viewing points. More specifically, the viewing point where nature reveals its true power. A 1772 lighthouse on top of a cliff about 140 meters high, where the wind is incredibly strong, still safely guides the vessels that sail along the Portuguese coast. Between Cascais and Sintra, this Amiroad private tour takes you along one of the prettiest roads in the region. Towards Cascais the road pass near “Praia Grande do Guincho”, considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the coast, characterized by strong winds, allowing sports like windsurfing. Cape Roca combines calmness and strength in one place. A wide, open area where the land drops abruptly into the sea from its cliffs. Most of all it’s the photos and pure sea air that will always remind you of the potency of the Atlantic.


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