Jewish Tour

Jewish Tour

The Amiroad Jewish tour takes you to the most important centers of this community in Portugal. From north to south, we will give you a context to the roots and importance of jews in our country. These roots predate even before the country was declared as an independent kingdom and the coexistence was not always fair. Over long centuries there was a great intolerance and prejudice, only in the 20th century, the Jewish communities return to settle in Portugal. The incredible contribution to the evolution of arts, philosophy, and commerce in the country is now undeniable. Here’s a list of some of these communities, usually part of our tour: The Lisbon Comunity, recognized in 1913, and built at Shaaré Tikva Synagogue and also the Ohel This second one in a progressive, egalitarian and inclusive interpretation of Judaism. The Israeli Community of Porto, recognized in 1923 and built in the Kadoorie Synagogue, one of the largest in Europe. According to the community itself, it consists of a member from multiple backgrounds, such as India, Russia, United States, Poland, Spain, Israel, Mexico, and Venezuela. There is also, the Jewish Community of Belmonte, in the Beit Eliahu Synagogue, officially recognized in 1989. A very important one is the oldest Synagogue in Portugal is in Tomar, built in the 15th century. Currently as the Luso-Hebrew Museum Abraão Zacuto, which has on its walls the twelve corbels, that symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel: Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca, and Leah. Your Jewish tour can be (and should be!) adapted to your preferences.
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