S. Francisco Church

S. Francisco Church in Oporto

São Francisco Church looks like a modest and simple construction from the outside. By contrast, the interior hides one of the most extraordinary and opulent treasures in Oporto. With a sumptuous Gothic and Baroque style, the church dates around 1410. Since then it has been richer and richer. Famous for its gold abundance, approximately 900 pounds (400 kilograms). And an incredible example of gold carved woodwork. São Francisco’s high altar is one of the most extraordinary in all Portugal. Its main attraction is the Tree of Jesse, the tree of Christ’s genealogy. Walk through the church and discover the catacombs of the city. The lower level galleries where some Franciscan friars and some noble personalities of the city are buried. From a glass window below your feet, you can see some of those human bones. Visit the museum which holds artifacts from the first church on the site. This church is now often the local for classical music concerts. Stands in the historic city center and it is declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1996. São Francisco Church is a place you can not miss during your visit to Porto! In case you want to know more about this incredible church. Choose Amiroad Luxury Transports for your private tour in Oporto and Contact us for tailor-made tours.


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