São Bento Station

São Bento Station Oporto Tour

São Bento Station has one of the most impressive interiors with painted tiles panels. The railway station dates from around 1910 and opens to the public in 1916. It took 11 years to complete and the art nouveau style is obvious in many details. Located in the center of the city, in a tourist point of view, it is known for its walls with 20,000 ceramic tiles. Those splendid tiles describe some of the Portuguese historical moments. It took eleven years to be completed. The scenes are from the 12th to 15th centuries and depict the king’s social lives, battles or coronations. The largest panels are those showing Prince Henry the Navigator conquering Ceuta and King João I and Queen Philippa of Lancaster at city’s cathedral. The details of the white and blue tile murals are amazing. Enjoy the beauty of the building and pay attention to the small details. This transportation center does so much more than shuttle people through Portugal. One of the most beautiful railway stations around the world. Choose Amiroad Luxury Transports for your tour in Oporto. Contact us for a tailor-made tour.


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