Santa Clara-a-Velha Monastery

Santa Clara Monastery Tour

Santa Clara Monastery is on the left bank of Mondego River in Coimbra. Dates from the 14th century and was abandoned by the 17th century. Because of its frequent floods. Now is a well preserved gothic ruin. The first building of the monastery dates 1386. However, due to its location, the convent was constantly flooded. This led to the construction of a new convent at a high point in the city. The new convents name is Santa Clara-a-Nova. The original convent, Santa Clara-a-Velha was abandoned and found in ruins. Due to twelve years of restoration work, workers could uncover many archaeological traces. The lower part of the church and the cloister are a great evidence of its past. So the old Monastery reopened in 2009. Now visitors have a spacious leisure area. Another renewed church, and many restored archaeological structures. Also an interpretive center. Enjoy a visit to the ruins of unquestionable architectonical and artist value. It is a monument of which the city of Coimbra can be proud of. The Monastery is a work of the architect Domingos Domingues. Who also worked on the Mosteiro de Alcobaça. Most of all, for your private tour in Coimbra, choose the comfort of Amiroad.


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