Penedo da Saudade in Coimbra Tour

Penedo da Saudade in Coimbra

Penedo da Saudade is a quite romantic garden with a great view over Coimbra skyline. This iconic place evokes the love and poetry. They say that nothing remained the same after the death of D. Inês de Castro. It used to be a relaxing and isolated place, where D. Pedro used to come to cry the loss of D.Inês. Because of that, this sadness would give this place its name – Penedo da Saudade (Rock of Nostalgia). It is now a place for the romantic couples, for poetry lovers or just to relax and enjoy a peaceful view over the city. The words and all poetry in the rocks on the garden can still be seen today. These words represent the feelings of many generations of Coimbra students and lovers. Some also say that Coimbra Fado was born in this right place. Coimbra’s best sightseeing! Book your tour now! Choose the best tours in Portugal with Amiroad


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