Botanical Garden in Coimbra

Botanical Garden in Coimbra Tour

The Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra dates from 1772. The garden reaches the 13 hectares and is right in the heart of Coimbra. Also one of the most beautiful of Europe. The purpose of the garden is, back then, to support the study of medicine and natural history at the University. Medicinal plants were grown and exotic species. At the same time, others were brought from Portugal’s overseas colonies. The garden is just below the San Sebastian Aqueduct, once a Roman aqueduct. In the highest part of the Garden, you’ll find the most formal area, divided in terraces. The Central Square is the most primitive part of the garden. The terrace is adorned with a fountain from the 1940s. An incredible forest of bamboos and exotic trees. The decoration is really similar to other European Gardens of the 18th Century. A visit to the Botanic Garden is like traveling around the planet earth without leaving Coimbra. The plant collection of the Garden takes us on a journey to different places of the world. It is kind of a living museum. The Garden provides a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. Seems like a perfect island in the center of the city, full of secrets to discover. Most of all, is the scientific value that makes it unique. Finally, for your tour around Coimbra choose our private tours.


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