Aliados Avenue

Aliados Avenue Private Tour

The imposing Aliados Avenue or Avenue of the Allies in central Porto is an incredible wide boulevard.  There is some who says that it is some kind of a little Champs Elysées, but it is unfair for both. However, it truly recalls the grand avenues in Paris, Buenos Aires or Budapest. At the top stands the Porto City Hall, a palatial building with a tall bell tower (70m high). Most of this avenue buildings are hotels or country’s major banks. Going down, there is a line of Art Deco and Nouveau façades. The central promenade (once a garden) was remodeled in 2006, by the Pritzker awarded architect Alvaro Siza Vieira who also designed the city’s Serralves Museum (another must see while in Oporto). This avenue, surrounded by beautiful buildings has a very specific character. A place you can not miss while in Porto. Customise your tour to Oporto with Amiroad Luxury Transports.


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