Rossio Square

Rossio Square Private Tour

On your Rossio Square tour, you’ll see people sitting around, relaxing for a coffee or just for a good sunbathing. Is known as the most lively area in Lisbon. Rossio Square is also known as Praça D. Pedro IV, and it is located right in the center of the city, or in Baixa neighborhood if you prefer. It has many tourist attractions like its art-deco Café Nicola, opened more than 200 years ago. Or the monumental neoclassic Theater D. Maria, with its six imponent columns, from 1840. While here there is something that you cannot miss. Really! The Rossio Railway Station. Built in 1886, it is an enchanting neo-Manueline building with a unique façade. It is indeed one of the most beautiful railways stations. Also, here you can find two baroque fountains and right in the middle a monument to D. Pedro IV. This one is a pedestal with four figures representing Justice, Wisdom, Strenght, and Moderation. Qualities attributed to D. Pedro IV. The Rossio square is also in a good location for a nice restaurant or to have a drink. Its surrounding streets are filled with some of the city’s most famous restaurants, bars, and shops. Enjoy the comfort and elegance of Amiroads Tours


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