S. Francisco Church in Évora Private Tour

S. Francisco Church in Évora

São Francisco Church Évora is one of the best-known monuments of the city. It is located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site that covers most of the old town. Built between the 1475 and 1550 it has a Gothic style with some Manueline influences also. This Church has a single nave and on the sides, there are 12 chapels, covered in Baroque woodwork. The choirs were made in different art styles,  Renaissance and Baroque. Worth the visit is, as well, the blue tiles decoration and the nautical motifs celebrating the age of discoveries. On your visit to southern Portugal, Évora and São Francisco Church are a must-see in Alentejo. Legend has it that the important Portuguese playwright Gil Vicente is buried here. For your private tour to Évora choose our VIP treatment and our first-class fleet.


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