Roman Temple – Templo de Diana in Évora

Roman Temple - Templo de Diana

This Roman Temple in Évora is also known as Templo de Diana, from the association with the Roman goddess of hunting, Diana. It is part of Évora Historical center, which is classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.  And of course, a famous tourist attraction in Évora, with its 12 stone Corinthian columns. Also is the Portugal best-preserved piece of ancient Rome. The temple dates from the 1st century, during the time of Caesar Augustus. And it was in fact erected as part of the Roman forum to pay tribute to Emperor Augustus, worshiped as a god. This temple was modified in the following centuries (2nd and 3rd) and destroyed by the Barbarians invasion in the 5th century.  Yet its original design was only recovered in the 19h century. It is an impressive legacy of the Roman forum. Finally, visit Évora with our private tour programs and enjoy your ride.


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