Esporão Winery

Esporão Winery - Wine Tourism in Portugal

Herdade do Esporão winery is one of the best wine tourism places in Portugal. Therefore here you can find one of the finest Portuguese wines. It is open since 1997 and recently is also a wine bar and a restaurant. On this tour, you can go through the vineyards and olive tree fields. In addition, there are some iconic buildings in Herdade Esporão that you can visit. A tower, an arch and The Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies. Also, visit the historical center. After visiting the vineyards and the winery, just relax. Enjoy the time for what you came for. In the wine bar, you can taste the wines and olive oils. Take a wine course, if you want to. Choose our private tour programmes towards Alentejo and visit Herdade do Esporão.


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