Chapel of Bones in Évora

Chapel of Bones Private Tour

Be amazed by the Chapel of Bones. One of the best-known monuments in Évora, Portugal. It is located next to the larger São Francisco Church,  in the historic center of Évora. This 17th-century chapel gets its name because of it’s unusual, sometimes creepy, and all the time impressive interior. The interior walls are covered with human bone and skulls. Yes, it has hundreds of bodies resting there. It has a kinda macabre atmosphere. Especially if you read the “In the bones that we are, for yours, we wait.” The explanation for this idea takes us to the 16th century where there were too many cemeteries. Almost 42 cemeteries that occupied too much space. Monks came up with a solution, extracting bone from the ground and using it to the chapel decoration. Bold decoration for that time, isn’t it? It is as well one of the most visited places in Évora, and you cannot miss it during your tour to Évora. If you are wondering what kind of things to do in Évora – Alentejo, this one is a must! Choose our first class fleet and a VIP service. Book the best private tour experience in Alentejo with Amiroad Transports.


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