Arrábida Tour

This Arrábida Tour takes you to the loveliest beaches in Lisbon and breathtaking sights.

First of all, visit Portinho da Arrábida beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. Also, discover the least known viewing spots. Furthermore, enjoy the natural landscape of Arrábida hills to the mixed green and blue sea.

While in Sesimbra our tour takes you to the Moorish castle. From where you can glimpse the charming fishing village. The picturesque streets of Sesimbra are narrow and steep. With a very peculiar decoration and with a direct relation to the sea. It worths the ride. Also, the perfect place for a fresh catch from the ocean.

In addition, enjoy the stunning view of Cabo Espichel to the spectacular peninsula of troy and Sado River estuary.

Most of all, Amiroad gives you a VIP treatment on your private Arrábida tour.

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9 hours
Time and Itinerary according to your preferences.

We suggest: Pick up: 9h & Drop off: 18h

  1. Palmela Castle
  2. Livramento Market
  3. Sightseeing over Arrábida protected Area
  4. Capuchinhos Monastery
  5. Cape Espichel
  6. Sesimbra Castle
  7. Bacalhôa winery (1h)or José Maria da Fonseca Winery (45min) (visit to the winery and wine tasting)
  8. Tasting traditional pastry (Tortas de Azeitao)
  9. Tiles Factory (15th and 16th century)
  10. Return to hotel

(Optional * workshop of traditional cheese of Azeitão Making and Tasting with previous notice)

More about our Arrábida Tour

First of all, Arrábida mountain is one of the most beautiful protected areas in Portugal. While in here you can find world awarded and deserted beaches. Most noteworthy is the blue of the ocean and the green of the mountains.

Due to its location, it was chosen by the Franciscan friars between the 16th and 19th centuries. They inhabited the still existing Convent and meditated in the isolated chapels throughout the Mountain.

In addition, Arrábida has excellent conditions for agriculture and pastoralism. As result, it gives rise to high-quality products.

Therefore, highlights include the Wines you can meet following the Wine Route of the Costa Azul. Which takes you to the friendly village of Azeitão. While in Azeitão you can experience the famous cheese and pastries of Azeitão. Among the 10 world cheese, you have to taste in life.

Finally, Amiroad also likes to show you some of the local sweets. Therefore you could not miss the famous Pies of Azeitão.