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vhils artwork alcantara

Portugal’s Diverse Street Art Scene

Portugal’s vibrant street art scene offers a captivating narrative woven into the fabric of its cities, where each mural and installation tells a story of culture, history, and modern expression. From Lisbon’s bustling streets to the quaint alleys of Lagos, join us on a virtual tour as we uncover some of the most compelling artworks nationwide.

Avenida da Índia, Vhils
Location: Alcantara, Lisboa

Alexandre Farto, known by his artistic pseudonym Vhils, is a renowned Portuguese street artist celebrated for his unique approach to urban art. Born in Lisbon in 1987, Vhils gained international recognition for his innovative technique of carving large-scale portraits and images into walls and other surfaces using tools such as drills, chisels, and even explosives. His work often delves into themes of urban decay, identity, and the passage of time, reflecting on the evolving landscapes of cities and the stories of their inhabitants. Vhils’s art can be seen in public spaces and galleries around the world, making him a significant figure in contemporary street art.

vhils artwork alcantara

“Iberian Lynx (2019)” by Bordalo II
Location: Parque das Nações, Lisbon

In Lisbon’s Parque das Nações stands one of Bordalo II’s most monumental artworks. Unveiled in July 2019, this sculpture stands over 10 meters tall and serves as a symbolic icon for the Lisboa+21 conference. Depicting an Iberian Lynx, a species under conservation efforts due to its threatened status, the sculpture is a striking representation of environmental awareness. What sets this piece apart is not just its impressive size, but also its unique presentation—it diverges from Bordalo II’s usual wall-mounted works, showcasing his versatility and creativity in urban art installations.

street art bordalo ii parque das nações

“Half Rabbit” by Bordalo II
Location: Rua de Miguel Bombard, Porto
Bordalo II’s “Half Rabbit” in Porto is a monumental sculpture crafted entirely from recycled materials. Symbolizing the artist’s critique on consumerism, this piece captivates with its intricate details and environmental message, seamlessly integrated into Porto’s artistic milieu.

Bordalo II is a renowned Portuguese artist celebrated for his innovative approach to urban art. Born Artur Bordalo in 1987 in Lisbon, he gained international recognition for his unique style of creating sculptures from discarded materials, particularly focusing on animals to raise awareness about environmental issues. Using a technique he calls “Trash Art,” Bordalo II transforms junk into vibrant, larger-than-life creatures that adorn city streets worldwide. His work not only captivates with its scale and creativity but also challenges viewers to reconsider their relationship with waste and nature.

“The Umbrella Sky Project”
Location: Águeda

The Umbrella Sky Project in Águeda is a vibrant installation that transforms the city’s streets into a colorful spectacle each summer. Hundreds of umbrellas suspended overhead create a canopy of vivid colors, offering shade and transforming urban spaces into enchanting displays of art and light. This annual project has become a symbol of creativity and community spirit, drawing visitors from around the world to experience its playful and immersive atmosphere.

street art in agueda

Auditorium mural by Odeith
Location: Setúbal

Sérgio Odeith, known professionally as Odeith, is a celebrated Portuguese street artist recognized for his exceptional skills in anamorphic art and 3D graffiti. Born in 1976 in Damaia, Odeith developed a unique style that creates the illusion of objects floating or emerging from surfaces. His works often feature intricate, lifelike details that transform ordinary urban spaces into captivating visual experiences.
Odeith’s innovative approach and mastery of perspective have earned him international acclaim, making him one of the prominent figures in contemporary graffiti and street art scenes.
The exterior of the José Afonso Auditorium in Setúbal is adorned with one of the most beautiful graffiti pieces in Portugal, which was considered in 2014 as one of the 24 best murals in the world.

street art setubal

WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art 2015 by Pantonio
Location: Covilhã

Portuguese street artist António Correia, better known as Pantonio, brings walls to life with his dynamic swarms of fish, birds, and other creatures, intricately weaving their way across building facades. Utilizing a palette dominated by black and blue, Pantonio’s sinuous lines evoke the fluidity of water and the strength of muscle, imbuing his work with a captivating sense of movement.
His murals, often stretching across multiple stories or winding through entire rooms, celebrate the vibrant marine life of the Tagus River, featuring sardines, cod, octopus, and nautical elements like ropes and boats. Based in Lisbon, Pantonio’s art transforms urban spaces into mesmerizing underwater worlds.

street art pantonio covilha

Portugal’s streets are not merely thoroughfares but stages for artistic expression, where murals and installations embody the country’s past, present, and future. From Lisbon’s urban canvas to Faro’s historic alleys and beyond, each artwork invites exploration and contemplation, offering a glimpse into Portugal’s cultural identity through the lens of street art. Embark on your own journey through these cities, discovering the stories and creativity that animate their streets and enrich their communities.

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Photos credits: Silvia Lopes, Alexander Silva and Rui Gaiola, Pedro Seixo Rodrigues