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Luxury vacations in Portugal

Luxury vacations in Portugal, a how-to guide.

Portugal has a lot to offer to foreign visitors, you can choose to spend lazy days on the beach, play some golf, sail away through the Portuguese beautiful coastline, or even enjoy a peaceful time across the most remote Portuguese regions.

The best and most exquisite regions of Portugal

  • Alentejo

Known for spreading a genuine sense of Portuguese rural life. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful regions of Portugal. Alentejo is often related to the unpretentious luxury type of vacation.

  • Algarve

Known as the Mediterranean dream, with the most beautiful blue sky, sandy beaches, and dramatic cliff stones. The landscapes are breathtaking. Most of the Algarve towns are fishing villages, with a picturesque scenario and historic past. It may surprise you how luxurious and exquisite can this region be.

  • Comporta

Comporta is a raw and wild part of Portugal. Through the tourism growth this region managed to build many luxury resorts, houses, villas, and restaurants, without touching the landscapes. An excellent retreat suggestion, surrounded by nature, incredible beaches, and wild forests.

  • Cascais

A former fishing village that grew into a gentle summer resort. One of the most requested destinations in Portugal, perfect for those who love beaches great gastronomy, and beautiful landscapes, but, at the same time cannot live without the city. Cascais is half an hour away from Lisbon.

  • Douro

North-Western patch of Portugal is golden, as its name – Douro. Golden by its nature, by its landscapes and peacefulness. There are plenty of reasons why you should meet Douro, but we’ll highlight a few: the world-known wines, a cruise along the Douro River, the taste of traditional Portuguese cuisine, spectacular scenic drive.


The best cuisine and restaurants in Portugal

Portugal has some of the best restaurants, Michelin Stars restaurants, here are a few for your holidays in Portugal.

Michelin star restaurants in portugal

  • Alma – Henrique Sá Pessoa, Lisboa
  • Belcanto – José Avillez, Lisboa
  • Ocean – Hans Neuner, Alporcinhos, Algarve
  • The Yeatman – Ricardo Costa, Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Vila Joya – Dieter Koschina, Albufeira, Algarve
  • Casa de Chá da Boa Nova – Porto, Leça da Palmeira
  • Fortaleza do Guincho – Miguel Rocha Vieira, Cascais
  • Gusto by Heinz Beck, Quinta do Lago, Algarve
  • Henrique Leis, Almanci, Algarve
  • L’And Vineyards – Miguel Laffan, Alentejo, Montemor-o-Novo
  • Loco – Alexandre Silva, Lisboa
  • Pedro Lemos, Porto
  • Willie’s – Willie Wurger, Vilamoura, Algarve

The best luxury hotels in Portugal & private properties for rent

Either if you choose seaside homes or resorts, beaches, islands, or nightlife mood there are plenty of options that will overwhelm you. But don’t assume that Portugal has just that, there are many other locations where you can spend your luxury vacations in Portugal, such as:

Porto, The Yeatman Hotel

Near the picturesque old town, south of the Douro River, you’ll find one of the finest hotels in Portugal. The hotel’s interior and exterior are simply striking.

Six Senses, Douro Valley

Overlooking the Douro River and surrounded by incredible vineyards, there’s the Six Senses Hotel, which is also UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can just imagine, right?

Dá Licença, Alentejo

The local scene. This hotel breaks the pattern of what luxury accommodation really is. Amongst 300 acres of olive groves, dating back 1904, and has only exclusive six rooms and suites.

Pine Cliffs Ocean Suites, Algarve

Perfect for family holidays, this luxury resort has direct access to the awarded Praia da Falésia. Personal service and a wide range of sporting activities.

Vila Vita Parc, Algarve

A five-star resort with endless elegance and style. Ultra-luxurious facilities with unsurpassed services and amenities.

Sublime, Comporta

A stunning 17-hectare estate, surrounded by undulating umbrella pines and cork trees, and wild sand dunes. A magical and unspoiled place.

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Other luxury stays, enjoying great pieces of architecture

When looking for accommodation options in Portugal, you can also choose the finest luxury homes and villas, merged with the landscapes. Here are some most interesting pieces of architecture, from some of the most renowned architecture studios.

Casa da volta – Alentejo, Comporta

A slice of rural heaven merged with the strong character of the Alentejo region. Exclusive six-suite villa at the heart of Comporta. Designed by Promotório Architects Studio.

Casa Azul – Alentejo

Geometrically designed, Casa Azul or Blue House is an oasis in Alentejo desertic landscape. By Bak Gordon Architects

Palmares – Algarve

From the Pritzker Prize-winning studio RCR Architects, here’s an eight luxury red concrete luxury resort. Also brings together a unique golfing experience with incredible facilities.

Also, for those who cannot spend your holidays without playing some golf, here are the most prestigious golf courses in Portugal

  • Monte Rei Golf and Country Club
  • The Oitavos Dunes
  • Dom Pedro Vitoria Golf Course
  • Troia Gilf
  • Quinta do Lago South Couse

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Luxury private tours through some of the most renowned wineries in Portugal

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