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How to get to Algarve from Lisbon

How to get to Algarve from Lisbon?

Known for its warmer weather, flat green-blue sea, sunny days, and sweet colorful sunsets. Algarve is one most wanted destinations in Portugal. For those who are mad about beaches, this is an excellent choice, though even if you are not into beaches you can always have a cultural or wildlife approach to this Portuguese region.
So, how do you get to Algarve from Lisbon?

There are plenty of options, you can either take a flight to Faro, in approximately one hour, still, don’t forget check-in and security access timings. Or a bus, the cheapest approach and will take you there in 3 and a half hours. Also, getting to the Algarve from Lisbon by train could be an easy solution though it will take more time than any other option, usually more than 4 hours.

The fastest way to get to Algarve from Lisbon is actually by car, which will take you there at approximately 2h30.

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How far is Algarve from Lisbon?

The quickest route has around 280km and takes two and a half hours. Meaning that a day trip from Lisbon to Algarve can be tiring, especially if you are driving. That’s one of the reasons we highlight the Tours option. Which especially considering that you are in Portugal, has an incredible price-quality relation. You can ask for a quotation here.

Lisbon to Algarve: city highlights

Lisbon to Faro

While in Faro, you’ll find a cultural and cultural nest of Portugal. The locals are authentic and empathetic, and the landscapes all around the city are overwhelming. Discover some hidden gems such as Ilhas Barreira at Ria Formosa, one of the Portuguese 7 Wonders.

Lisbon to Albufeira

Albufeira is frequently known for its nightlife and incredible beaches, but there’s more to discover. The historic city center is quite cozy, with local stores, and many restaurants with fresh fish and seafood, which you cannot definitely miss. There are also museums and viewpoints totally instagramable.

Lisbon to Lagos

Besides a picturesque and charming city, there are churches, traditional squares, forts, and viewpoints. The local market and its colorful products will give you the authenticity and simplicity of Portuguese people. The seashore is just delightful.

Private tours to Algarve from Lisbon

Our Private Tours to Algarve can be tailor-made so you can visit the places that you want to. Our premium service provides a highly qualified driver and a first-class fleet. Discover how can Amiroad Luxury Transports help you to have a great and smooth tour from Lisbon to Algarve.